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Expansion of Airbnb for Work

Apart from offering unique vacation spaces for travellers, Airbnb is ramping up its efforts to capture more of the corporate market by expanding its  Airbnb for Work offerings.

The multibillion dollar company is now keen to tap three new key areas – teambuilding, offsites and relocations – as part of their “new strategic direction”.

This means that existing teambuilding activities (offered through Experiences), offsite and meeting locations (offered through Homes), and longer-term rentals for relocations (also through Homes) are now being promoted to the corporate community alongside Airbnb for Work’s existing product.

According to Alvan Yong, regional lead, Airbnb for Work, Singapore, Airbnb for Work now accounts for 15 per cent of the company’s overall bookings since its launch in 2014 when it was was first named as as “Airbnb for Business”.

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