Want to know more about our events industry jobs board?

How much do you charge to list?

We have a range of different packages available to companies who are looking to list. The most basic package we offer is a one advert listing which is available for 90 days. For companies who have a range of job listings they’d like to post over the coming months/years we can offer packages of credits to post jobs. On top of this we can also arrange featured job listings which will allow your advert to be posted at the top of the site. To view all the packages please go to: Listing Pricing and Packages

If you are a recruiter or if you are looking at engaging in a long-term relationship with us please feel free to get in contact so that we can discuss custom packages and advanced options – contact us


Why should we list with you over standard jobs sites?

In short, we know the events industry. Anyone who uses our website is someone who is either working in the event industry or they have an avid interest in joining the events industry. We will, therefore, provide you with more motivated candidates or better-qualified applicants who are actively looking to work in the events industry.

We want to create a one-stop shop for the event industry. We hope you enjoy using our websites and we are always looking for tips and comments from your side


How long do adverts last?

Adverts will appear on our site for a minimum of 90 days. If an enterprise package of jobs is bought then the listing will stay active for 120 days.


How do people contact me or apply?

On each listing, you can decide whether applicants:  email you directly, fill in an application form or are sent to your website. It is your choice.


What else is included alongside the listing?

Once you’ve posted your listing we will tweet about it on both of our Twitter accounts (more than 20,000 followers combined), post it on to our Facebook and tumlbr pages and it will be included into our newsletter.


How can we contact you?

Easy, go to:  contact us if you want to ask us more detailed questions, partner with us or discuss new opportunities.

What types of Companies Use Your Services?

Types of Companies who use MICE Careers:

  • Professional Conference organisers

  • Exhibition organisers

  • Meeting Planners

  • Incentive House Agency

  • Corporate Clients

  • Party/Networking Planners

  • Event departments for Large Organisations / MNCs

  • Meetings and events Association / Member groups

  • Event departments for government / charities

  • Incentive House / Event agencies and booking companies

  • Tour, travel and destination agencies

  • Tourism and planning authorities

  • Hotels

  • Venues / Conventions Centres

  • Hospitality industry

Job Titles who regularly use our events jobs board:

  • Directors / CEO / Owners

  • Events Industry Directors / Managers

  • MICE Directors / Hospitality

  • Production Managers

  • Marketing / Sales and Business Development Manager

  • Operations / Logistics Directors and Managers

  • Resourcing / Procurement Specialists

  • Project / Planning Managers

  • Facilities Managers

  • Designers

  • Business Development Executives / Sales Directors

  • Fund raisers / NGO / Charities

  • Bookings / Co-ordinators / PA and Executive Assistants


Do you have a social network?

Of course we do, we’re everywhere! Check us out:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theeventprofs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theeventprofs
Tumblr: http://theeventprofessionals.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyEventStore